Not Just About Grades

In Meredith Miller’s article for KOMU 8, she discusses Amendment 3 that recently did not pass in the November ballot. I believe this is crucial to our educational system because teaching to me is not all about grades. My teachers from kindergarden to now, partially formed me into the young man I am today. Do not get me wrong, it is important that teachers work hard to advance their students’ knowledge of english, history, mathematics, science, etc.; however, it would be unfair to judge teachers solely on the performance of their students on a standardized test that covers these areas. I myself struggle on standardized testing, does that mean my teacher should get punished for this? The answer is no. Being a successful teacher is much more than student doing well on a standardized test or good good grades, it is about caring for your students and dedicating the time and effort providing each student a chance to succeed.


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