Change Starts With The People

In a time period when our politicians are constantly scrutinized, some of the blame is on the public as well. American’s are increasingly frustrated that nothing is getting done in Washington because of the huge divide between the right and the left wings — they have a valid point. However, according to the New York Times article, “It’s Not Just Political Districts. Our New Is Gerrymandered, Too.”, 78 percent of Sean Hannity’s audience on Fox News is conservative and 93 percent of Rachel Maddow’s audience is liberal on MSNBC. These statistics lead me to believe that the American society is creating a bigger and bigger divide within itself. If conservatives are constantly watching Fox and liberals are constantly watching MSNBC, how will the public diversify their knowledge in order to diversify the politicians of America and in turn get things done. Until the American public challenge their own biases and views by getting out of their comfort zone — their preferred newspapers, news channels, and radio news broadcasts — Washington isn’t going to change on its own.


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